Why Dogs Like Some Toys and Hate Others

Why Dogs Like Some Toys and Hate Others

One of the most difficult decisions that a dog owner has to make is selecting the right dog toy for a puppy. Dogs are highly energetic and excitable creatures and they need the right kind of toy to help them channel a small amount of their energy. We have a huge collection of dog toys in our store, which are durable, cute and offer other benefits for your pooch.

You may think that over the years you have learned about your dog’s taste in toys. So, you deliberate and pick a toy that you believe you dog will love. When you bring it home and present it to the dog, he doesn’t find it appealing at all. So why do you think that is? Why does your dog like some toys and hate others? Let’s look at some interesting information that will help you understand this behavior.


Dogs are very closely related to wolves; surprising though it may be, they do exhibit some qualities of their close cousins. Dogs treat their toys as a wolf treats its prey; so they tend to like toys that taste like their favorite food and make a sound when they bite into it.


As the above point illustrates, dogs like to chew into their toys, so it is safe to assume that most of them won’t be interested in toys that are not chewable. They like a toy that they can manipulate with their mouth and feet easily.

New and Interesting

Dogs tend to tire of new toys pretty quickly; they will play with them for a while and then eventually lose interest in them. The solution would be to get a toy that can change shape or buy your dog a new toy every month.

Playing Buddy

A dog will take more interest in the toy if he has a playing buddy, i.e. you. Dogs want to play with their owners and when you bring in a new toy and decide to play with them using the toy, they will be more excited about them.

We hope that the reasons above will help you to understand the behavior of your dog, regarding dog toys. So, visit our dog toys section and select a toy using the information above and maybe you will find a toy that will be perfect for your dog.