Which Dog Breed Should You Go For?

Did you know that there are over 160 different breeds of dogs? Commonly known as ‘man’s best friend’, domestic dogs for most families tend to be more than just pets; they are more like family. Each breed of dogs differs from the rest, with distinct appearances, temperaments, set of needs, and activity levels. Making the decision to get a dog is an important one, and deciding which breed to get is just as important. You need to be careful while you research and determine what breed is perfect for you; consider the following factors when going about it:


Who doesn’t find little puppies to be adorable? But these cute balls of fur grow way too quickly and some of them grow too much. Before you bring a dog home, find out how large in weight and height the breed typically grows. Larger dogs require more space and food, and smaller ones too need considerable room to run around.


Since you will be living with the dog for a long time, you need to make sure it has a personality you can adjust to. Consider activity level, amiability, training period, and its need for attention. This will help you narrow down the list of breeds to choose from.


Research the diseases and health conditions that your chosen breed of dog is prone to. Having knowledge of health conditions that can affect your dog helps minimize problems in the future. Most breeds of dogs can be screened and tested for these conditions.

Adult or Puppy

It makes no significant difference whether you opt for a male or female dog as most people tend to get their canine neutered or spayed and that eliminates the any and all minor differences. However, if you plan to breed your dog, you need to be watchful about any unwanted mating and breeding by keeping the dog safely restrained within the premises.


To maintain hygiene, all dogs need to be groomed and cleaned. Most dogs shed their coats, some do it in clomps over few weeks, others do it copiously all year round. Although long shiny coats are a wonderful sight to look at, they require tons of efforts to clean and maintain. Dogs with shorter coats are easier to tend.

With our guideline, you now have a checklist of the type of dog you want to get. Head out and get the breed you want. Treat it with quality dog food and watch it grow happy and healthy. We at ePet.hk are a pet shop central Hong Kong offering all sorts of pet food and accessories including Eukanuba Pet Food, Fromm Pet Food, Ziwipeak Dog Food, Thrive Dog Food, Primal Dog Food, and Ziwipeak Air Dried Dog Food.