What Should You Do To Make Your Cat More Social? Start the Social Training as a Kitten

Kittens growing up in a litter pick up the basics of social play and behavior. But a kitten that has not been a part of the litter, or gets adopted before he/she pick up social behavior etiquette, has the tendency to become aggressive. This is where the importance of social training of your cat comes into play.

If you plan to adopt a kitten out and away from its litter, you have to be able to teach it the appropriate behavior when it engages with you in playtime.

Maintain the Cat’s Interest

Cats lose interest quickly – the same routines, toys, or play tactics will bore them fast. In order to make your cat more focused and sociable, you need to come up with new tricks, toys, and tactics to keep it focused on playtime and learn what you want to teach it. Surprise them so they never know what to expect.

Suitable Toys

Your fingers are NOT toys. This rule is crucial when it comes to making your cat learn how to play gentle. Regardless of how young the cat is, it should be told that it is not allowed to bite your flesh ever. Get appropriate toys for your kitten that it can bite on during playtime. Keep the toys at a safe distance from your hands so that your cat does not have to worry about scratching or biting you while it is actively involved in play.

When Your Kitten Bites…

If during playtime, your kitten accidently bites you, leave all play immediately and stay still. If it bites your ankle, quit moving. The cats look to induce movement by using bite tactics. Your being still would deprive them of their desired result and eventually bore them.

Never Admonish Physically

Even when your kitten bites you, never push it away, hit it, yell at it, or squirt it with water. Such behavior may have two undesirable effects; one, your cat can learn to be afraid of you; two, it can go on the defensive and turn out to be a lot more aggressive in such future situations.

You want your cat to be friendly and sociable; be sure to incorporate these tips in the beginning while training her/him. If you are looking for good food for your feline, try Ziwipeak Cat Food, Primal Cat Food, and Thrive Cat Food. You can find these at ePet.hk; we are a complete pet shop Central Hong Kong and also offer quality cat carrier and cat accessories.