What is the Reason Behind Cat Purring?

What is the Reason Behind Cat Purring?

We usually associate the sound of purring exclusively with cats. In literature, writers often use the term purring when they want to depict contentment or harmony. That is why when we hear cats purring, we automatically assume that the cat must be completely content and satisfied. But have you ever wondered what actually makes a cat purr?

If you have, then read on to know the answer.

We often mistake cat purring for contentment (which it sometimes is), but in reality this is a form of communication. Though we usually think that the cat is trying to communicate when it is chirping, chattering, hissing, growling, or meowing, these sounds are actually defensive. For clear communication in a non-threatening environment cats most often use purring sounds. Though there are a lot of different types of purring, and it solely depends on the cat owner to identify them correctly.

Happy Purr

Have you ever noticed the cat just sitting on its own or on its back and purring? If you have then you can rest easy because that how a happy cat sounds. Cats usually purr on their own when they are completely content with their living environment and just want to be left alone to fully enjoy the surroundings.

Anticipation Purr

When the cat is very hungry and is on the verge of starvation, they you might hear the pitiful meowing sound which means that the cat is in dire need of your attention. But if you have been feeding your cat regularly, then the sound will change significantly. In this instance, the purr you will hear is called the anticipation purr. This purr means that your cat is expecting delicious treats or surprises, and simply purring at you to seek your attention.

Gratitude Purr

You will hear this purr most often when the cat is lying in your lap and you are stroking its entire body. Since cats love to be patted and stroked, they are basically in heaven when you do that. Through this purr, the cat is actually showing you its gratitude for doing something it enjoys immensely.

Mothering Purr

This type of purr is reserved exclusively for the kittens. When a cat is feeding its kittens or when all the kittens are lying around it, the cat makes this sound to show that everything is all right, that its kittens are safe, and that she is taking care of them.

One thing you can know for sure. If you are hearing a purring sound from your cat, then it guarantees that your cat is neither in any type of danger, nor in pain. For happy purring, you can buy cat toys and cat accessories for your cat from our Cat Shop.