Wet Food Vs. Dry Food: Which One is Better?

Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility as they are solely dependent on you for their physical well being. You can pay back your pets for the love and adoration you receive from them in the form of proper and sincere pet care. A huge part of that is providing them with proper nutrition every day. But if you are a relatively new pet owner, then you might be stumped by one question: should you get wet food for your pet or dry food? You can always ask your family or friends about this if they have had pets for a long time. You can even take your pet to the veterinarian for proper guidance. All of them will be able to give some very good advice and tell you about their experiences with a certain type of food. But still, it is better to know the pros and cons of wet food and dry food yourself before making the final decision.

Wet Food

Wet food can prove to be a great food source for both cats and dogs. It can be especially beneficial if your pet doesn’t drink as much water as it should. This type of pet food usually takes care of the pet hydration problem as well. If you have an aging pet or a pet with dental problems then you must feed them only wet food as it can be swallowed easily without causing the pet any type of harm. But you might have to face issues like cleanliness and storage if you decide to go with wet food. Pets usually make a mess while eating it and once opened, it can’t be sealed and put away because it has a very short life. You also need to keep it in a cool place. That means that you have to make a lot of space in your fridge for the packages.

Dry Food

Benefits of dry food include:

  • Easy storage
  • Long life
  • Multiple Varieties Available
  • Economical

Dry food doesn’t go bad even if you forget to reseal the bag after opening it. In fact, most pet owners just leave a jar of dry food for the pet to enjoy whenever they feel like it. However, doing that usually increases the chances of contaminating the food source. That would mean that you will have to throw away your stash and buy everything again.

In the end the choice is yours. You can better understand your pet’s needs and how to care for them properly. You can try Fromm pet food and Eukanuba pet food as they offer wet food and dry food for both cats & dogs. For more pet treats and toys, you can view our catalogue.