Tips to Make Your Fat Cat Fit

Tips to Make Your Fat Cat Fit

Cats can make for absolutely adorable, loving and low maintenance pets. They are easy to please, don’t require much space, and don’t require daily exercise or specialized living environments. So if you are thinking about getting a pet, then consider adopting a cat. But people, who already own a cat, know that these adorable creatures can go from low maintenance to high maintenance very easily. It doesn’t take much except for a lot of coddling and laziness to make your fit cat grow fat very easily.

Weight problems in cats bring forth some of the same issues that overweight human beings face. They could be afflicted with a variety of medical conditions that can make their daily life very difficult or even cause death. But if you take the necessary steps right now, then you can avoid the medical conditions and can turn your cat from fat to fit in no time.

Weight Loss Tips for Cats

Count the Calories

The rules of a proper diet plan dictate that you calculate the exact number of calories you need and not want. The same rule applies for cat diet. Most cat food items come with a calorie chart on the side. This can help you determine the calorie intake and plan the diet accordingly.

Let the Hunt Begin

Buying high quality treats for your cat is well enough and it only goes to show that you are a loving and caring pet owner. But over indulging your cat by constantly fulfilling its nutritional needs might be having an adverse effect on its health. Every once in a while, let your cat out to hunt for its own food. This will serve dual purposes. Firstly, your cat will be fed. And secondly, your cat will get the much needed exercise.

More Water, Less Food

Your cat’s diet plan should also include a lot of water. Drinking water frequently will give your cat the feeling of being full. This will eventually lessen the need for it to consume large amounts of food.

Initiate Play Time

In case of weight gain, your cat needs a little more of your attention. You can help your cat shed the extra pounds more quickly by playing with it for up to 10 or 15 minutes a day. Make sure you make your cat work for your attention.

Dual Purpose Toys

Usually toys are bought for a cat’s enjoyment. But if you want to make your cat lose weight quickly then buy toys that would captivate their attention for a long time. This will again serve two purposes. Firstly, the cat-toys, will make the cat exercise for a long time on its own. And secondly, your cat will get hours of fun time.

A fit cat means a healthy cat. And a healthy cat means that you get to keep your pet for a long, long time. For more cat paraphernalia you can check our cat shop.