Tips to Make Your Dog Sleep Well at Night

Tips to Make Your Dog Sleep Well at Night

Where sleep, or lack thereof, is concerned, dogs are at their worst when they are puppies. As they grow up, their sleeping habits improve, but they can still experience occasional bouts of insomnia, which is pretty normal. What is not normal is regular canine insomnia.

The Cause of Insomnia

Older dogs don’t sleep well when they are experiencing pain or discomfort. In younger dogs, insomnia occurs because of the excess energy they have. If they don’t get enough exercise during the day, they will have trouble sleeping at night.

Tips for a Better Sleep

Get your dog a comfy bed – which we can help you with; you can check out our collection of dog beds here – and make sure to remember the following tips so your dog sleeps through the night or at least doesn’t disturb your sleep:

Amount of Activity

If your dog is too full of energy to go to sleep, increasing his/her daily activities should do the trick. Increase the amount of exercise they get during the day, so they expend all their energy.

Nightly Needs

Place a bowl of water near the dog’s bed or some ice cubes; they will keep the dog busy until it falls asleep. Make sure your dog attends to the day’s last “nature’s call” before you put it to bed.


Some dogs like to wander around the house at night. Confining them to one space, which happens to have a comfortable dog bed might just do the trick.


Set a strict sleeping schedule for your dog, even if you don’t like to go to bed early. After following a set routine for a while, your dog will not have any insomnia issues.

Feed them

If a dog is hungry, he/she will have trouble in going to sleep. Feed your dog before you go to bed; a health friendly treat or dog food would be ideal for late night munching. You can browse through our collection of dog foods here.

Set a private spot for your dog’s bed and make it comfortable and they shouldn’t have any trouble falling asleep. For older dogs, you can consult your vet and give them some medication to relieve their pain so they too can sleep comfortably. If you require any type of dog product, you can visit the dog section of our online store and easily find what you are looking for.