Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool In Summers

Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool In Summers

Summers are a great time to play with your pet outdoors, hang out at the beach, and relax. However, summers are also a time when the pets’ fur works against them and they dissipate heat as their body temperature rises when they pant, making it all the more essential to ensure cooling measures for your pet.

Know Your Pet

Pets overheat due to two reasons, either they are trapped in a heated condition like in a car where they are unable to cool themselves or suffer from paralysis of the larynx in which it is difficult for them to release heat by panting. Such pets can fall victim to heat stroke. Find out if your pet has such a condition and avoid leaving them trapped in a heated environment. Learn the symptoms of heat exhaustion; these include: labored breathing, excessive panting, drooling, mild weakness, and increase respiratory rate.

Go Outdoors During a Cooler Time

Pets do not generally like going outdoors under the scorching heat. Let them relax indoors in a cooler environment and change the outdoor activity timings to early morning or late afternoon when the heat of the sun is less intimidating.

Avoid Taking Them Out With You Unnecessarily

While pets love a ride in the back, it is best to leave them home, especially if you are going out in the heat. It is never a good idea to leave them in the car while you run errands as temperatures can climb fast and pets do not wear shoes to protect them from the warm surface. The best thing to do is leave them relaxing at home under the cool.

Keep Them Hydrated

Dehydration is another concern in pets apart from overheating, and it is important to ensure that they drink fresh water after every little while. As pets pant to cool themselves, fluids also evaporate in the process. It is important to replace these fluids to prevent dehydration in pets.

These tips should help you take care of your cat or dog health and prevent them from experiencing overheating in summers. Their fur is great for them in winters but summers call for added care from the pet owners of both dogs and cats. Are you looking for pet supplies in Hong Kong? Check out our online store here.