The Most Misunderstood Dog Breeds

Aggressive. Ferocious. Unsafe. These are only some of the adjectives with which we associate with certain dogs. But the truth is that some dog breeds are loving, friendly and harmless. They are loyal to their owners and act as protectors for them, when needed. This list will talk about some dog breeds that are misunderstood as a threat to the society.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Gained popularity from the 1930s TV show, ‘Little Rascals’, American Staffordshire Terrier, is a sweet and loyal dog. With his TV image, even kids find him very friendly and mischievous too! Just as the good side, American Staffordshire’s have a negative image, as well. They became popular with dog fighting rings where due to bad treatment and unethical breeding they developed the negative image they possess today.

Chow Chow

Chow Chows have a negative image due to their independent nature. They are labeled as aggressive because they work as protectors for people. But, they have been bred by people to protect and save them, so labeling them as aggressive is inappropriate. They take their job seriously and protect their masters from every sort of threat.

German Shepherd

German shepherd – only a look is enough to send shivers down your spine! It is right that these dogs seem ferocious, but they have been bred and trained to be this way. They are used by the military and army personnel, but behind this harsh looking dog is an animal that was actually trained to protect livestock, hence the name, German Shepherd.

Doberman Pinchers

Doberman Pinchers also developed a stern reputation being used as watchdogs. Their ears are cropped just to make them look ‘mean’, but behind this tough dog is a sensitive, loving and loyal animal that has a hard time dealing with anxiety when left alone.


Rottweilers were seen as ‘scary killers’ because they were usually seen guarding their masters. They are actually a very friendly and loyal breed of dogs.

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