Are You Taking Care of Your Dog’s Paws?

Are You Taking Care of Your Dog’s Paws?

There are many reasons that favor protecting and caring for your dog’s paws. Did you know that paw pads protect dogs when walking on rough ground by providing an extra cushion, protect bones and joints from shock and insulate against extreme weather. Given all these functions that a dog’s paws perform, you must know how to care for your dog’s paws. Read on to find out how you can provide your dog the best paw care:

Trim the Nails

This you may already know but make it a habit to trim your dog’s nails regularly to avoid scratching. When trimming nails you also need to make sure to trim any hair in between the pads to prevent painful matting. Hair should be trimmed even with the pad. While you are at it, also check for small bits of debris that can get stuck between your dog’s pads.


Just as human skin needs moisturizing your dogs skin and pads needs it too. Dry pads can crack and bleed if you ignore moisturizing. Look for a smooth conditioning moisturizer specifically designed for dogs that will provide nourishment. Check out the TrueBlue moisture rich conditioning crème that we have in stock for dog grooming. You can also massage your dog’s paws when rubbing the lotion in to provide relaxation and better moisturizing.

Avoid Walking Them on Hot Ground in summer

Dogs feel heat on their paws when they walk on heated ground in summers. Make sure you minimize their walking on hot surfaces, such as sand or parking lots, in summer to avoid blisters or burning. If your dog feels disturbed by injured paws, give them a washing in antibacterial soap and visit the vet if necessary.

Be Proactive

During winters and due to dryness you may need to moisturize your dog’s paws more often. Also be proactive when you see that your dog may be limping or its paws are seem injured. If your dog has been out make sure you wash their paws as soon as they enter the house again.

If you find that your dog has cut its paw, wash with anti bacterial soap immediately, apply anti bacterial cream, and bandage it. If you are looking for dog grooming products that can be ordered for home delivery, browse them here. We stock all kinds of dog supplies and accessories.