Signs Telling You Your Pets are Not Happy with Their Food

Just like us humans, the dietary needs of our pets too change over time. There may be a number of factors influencing the change, like level of activity, stage of life, overall health, etc. If you do not know when you should change your pet’s food, take a close look at your pet – he might have been trying to tell you just that for a very long time now. Look for the following signs.


Owing to a certain illness, stress, or surgery, your pet might be plausibly exhausted, but a pet that has gone suddenly weak and lethargic may need not only a visit to the veterinarian but also a change in his food. Pet foods nowadays have high content of antioxidants that boost your pet’s immune system and make them more energetic.

Flaky, Dull Coat

Pet food is rich in fatty acids that are the core ingredient maintaining the health of your pet’s skin and keeping its coat glossy. If your pet’s coat has lost its luster, maybe his food is not providing him the essential nutrients it needs. It’s definitely time to change the pet food.

Bulky Midsection

If your pet is putting on weight, especially around its midsection, it is safe to say that the diet it takes is providing it more energy than it can consume at its current activity level and age. It is therefore recommended to switch to a diet that provides it just the right amount of the nutrients it needs.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Rumbling tummy, loose stool, and constant flatulence all point towards intolerance of food. It not only causes distress to the pet but also proves to be an inconvenience for you. The diet you’re giving your pet is obviously not suiting its stomach and needs to be changed.


Just like us, animals too are prone to allergic reactions. You cannot ignore food to be one of the causes of your pet’s allergy. So if the animal has an itch that just doesn’t go away, change its food. Switch to brands that are low-allergen.

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