A Shiny Coat Doesn’t Mean Your Dog Is Healthy

A Shiny Coat Doesn't Mean Your Dog Is Healthy

For new pet owners it might be difficult to spot symptoms of illness in their dog. Like humans, they can’t talk out their health concern, but they can certainly show it through physical or behavioral changes. While some behavioral changes are a result of routine disturbances in dogs, the symptoms for ill-health are close enough.

If your dog seems well on the outside, it doesn’t mean he is so from the inside as well. Learn some common symptoms of diseases in dogs, and make sure you visit the vet at a suitable time when you spot one:


If your dog has just had food and has been running around, it’s okay if he vomits, but if you find it vomiting several times in a day or see blood in his vomit it is a cause of concern. A serious sign of illness in dogs is associated with a lack of appetite and vomit and it can mean gastric ulcer or parasite infection.

Loss of Appetite

If your dog occasionally skips food, it’s okay, may be its not his favorite one that day, but if it’s facing a loss of appetite for more than one day it can be a sign of fever, pain or stress in dogs. Also, look for signs of decreased activity, which can also relate to a much more serious problem such as heart disease.


You need to seek veterinary care if you find your dog coughing for more than three days. If it’s nothing it won’t last long, but coughing can be a sign of many illnesses in dogs, including heart disease.

Urinating less or more

If you find your dog being thirsty excessively or urinating less or more frequently, it can be a sign of diabetes. Increased urination may be because of a liver or kidney disease, while urinating less may signal a urinary tract problem or stones in the bladder. In either case, you should be watchful and visit the vet immediately, if you witness a change in your dogs urinating pattern.

Your dog is your best friend and you really must take good care of him. Consult your vet for added signs or symptoms of ill health to remain informed and take action as soon as you spot your dog acting differently.

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