Senior Dog Diet – How is it Different?

Senior Dog Diet - How is it Different

Here at, we have been in the pet product business for quite a while. We are dedicated to providing the best quality pet products to clients all over the world, while offering the convenience of purchasing all the products online. This also means that we are huge dog lovers and we like offering our customers more than just the products we sell.

Using our blog, we offer tips and advice on different pet related issues. In today’s post, we would like to tackle the topic of senior dog diet. Many dog owners aren’t familiar of the specific dietary needs of an older dog, and this blog will offer them all the necessary information they require to take better care of their dogs.

Factors to Remember when Selecting a Diet

As dogs get older, their dietary needs change significantly. This means that they require food that has extra health benefits. Here some factors that should especially be remembered when selecting a diet for your aging dog:

  • A dog’s immune system gets worst as it ages, so they need a diet that can give the immune system a boost.
  • Older dogs develop issues with joint movement; they need dietary supplements that are beneficial for their joints.
  • Older dogs develop gum disease, which doesn’t allow them to chew their food properly; so, they require food that is easy to chew.
  • When dogs get old, the oil glands on their skin don’t function properly which leads to various skin related issues. These dogs require food that boosts the production of oil in their skin.

Controlling the Diet

Along with all their other health related issues, senior dogs are also at more risk of gaining weight, because they aren’t as active as they used to be. It is up to the owners to control the diet of the dog so it doesn’t become obese. Also, remember the following points about the diet of your senior dog:

  • You have to be careful not to feed an older dog too much.
  • Instead of feeding them twice a day, you can feed smaller portions to them more frequently.
  • Food should be presented to them at room temperature, colder or hotter food would be harder for them to smell because of their deteriorating sense of smell.
  • Dogs that develop arthritis find it hard to bend down, so place the feeding bowl on a higher surface for their ease.
  • And try not to disturb the senior dog when it is eating, because it may lose interest in the food if it is distracted.

You can find many different types of senior dog foods on our online store. You can select the one that suits your dog and purchase it from the convenience of your home. Make sure that you consult a vet before you make any significant dietary decision about your aging dog.