How to Save Your Furniture from Those Scratchy Claws

As much as your feline friend loves your attention, it also loves scratching. As opposed to what you might think about a cats’ scratching; that they do it to gain attention or make the owner angry, it’s actually for their personal reasons. Cats love to scratch because it acts like a massage for their paws, removing dead skin and helping to keep their claws in good shape.

Meanwhile, all that scratching can be very costly on your wallet. Here are some ways to prevent your furniture from your cat’s claws:

Place a Scratchboard Where They Rest

Cats usually scratch after eating and sleeping, so to prevent them from ruining your furniture, provide them with a scratchboard near the place they eat and sleep. Check out this scratchboard that we stock, which is attractive as well as accommodating enough to allow the cat enough space to stretch.

Cover your furniture

Another easy way to prevent your cat from scratching on the furniture is to cover your furniture with something that doesn’t appeal to the cat. Even if it’s just cloth make sure it’s a tough one your cat can’t tear through.

Keep Your Cat Engaged

Your cat might be ruining your furniture because it has a lot of free time on its claws and you aren’t around much. Keep your cat busy in activities or exercises which help keep its mind occupied, giving less thought to destructive actions. Invest in some engaging cat toys like this one, the JW Pet-Hol-ee Roller Mini that is a great and fun toy to keep the cat engaged.

Discourage Your Cat From Scratching Furniture

Don’t assume that the cat will one day magically stop scratching the furniture in your home. Invest time in training your cat while providing it with an alternative to stop it from its destructive scratching. Clap or strike the cat when it scratches to let it know that that behaviour is not acceptable. You can also use a no scratch spray, like our Aristopet No Scratch Spray to prevent cat scratching that discourages its inappropriate behaviour of scratching.

Trim Those Claws

Trimming the cat’s claws is a part of its basic hygiene but it’s also something which will help you minimize the danger and destruction caused from scratching. Keeping its claws trimmed will prevent it from snagging the fibre on the couch damaging the furniture’s surface if it scratches.

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