Rare Cat Care Tips You Wish You Knew – Part 2

Our previous blog discussed certain cat care tips that you should be aware of before adopting a cat. Continuing where we left off, this blog will mention some more interesting tips:

The Tail

Watch your cat’s tail and gauge its mood. An upright tail indicates a happy mood, languid movements of the tail means your cat wants you pet her, while rapid swishing of the tail should be signal enough for you to leave her alone! All these are tail-signs that, you as a cat owner, should be aware.

Is your Cat in Pain?

Many cat lovers miss the signs of their pet in pain because cats are good at hiding it. You should observe if your cat does not jump, hesitates to climb, is not using the litter box, not grooming itself, and is being over aggressive. All these are signs of discomfort and you should take your cat to a vet immediately!

Scratching Post

Scratching post – a must have accessory for your cat! If you think that buying a new scratching post to replace an old one will be expensive, you can adopt the cheap and easy way to refresh your cat’s post – add a few coils of fresh sisal rope to it.

Feed it with a variety of pet foods

Cats can become very particular and specific about their food. Make sure that your cat is habitual of eating different foods. Feed your kitten with different types of foods, and different brands of canned foods so that they develop a liking for all types of food, so if at any point in time your cat’s preferred food goes off the market, you will not face problems in feeding it.

Clean Litter Boxes

Your cat is not interested in people-pleasing scents! Instead, it prefers unscented clumping litter. Cats are clean creatures, so keep their litter boxes in a clean and quite place if you really want them to use it. Your cat will not use its litter box if it falls ill. Make sure you address your cat’s health problems immediately.

Before you adopt your favorite pet, make sure you have all the above-mentioned accessories! Looking for a pet store with all these products? ePet – the largest online pet shop in central Hong Kong offers all these products. Click here to find out more about the cat products on offer.