Rare Cat Care Tips You Wish You Knew – Part 1

Are you a cat lover and plan to adopt a cat? Do you think you know everything about cats? Well, not yet! Here are a few cat care tips that you should be aware of before you adopt your favorite pet:

A Drinking Fountain

Did you know cats dig running water? Running water appeals to cats and drinking fountains have been proven to get cats to drink more water. Cats are chronically dehydrated, thus with proper hydration techniques such as installing a drinking fountain will help in keeping your cat’s health at its best.

Adopt an Allergy-Free Kitty

You cannot guarantee a cat to be allergy-free, but while adopting, you can at least make sure that it is not suffering from any disease or allergy. When choosing a kitten, make sure that you get it tested. High levels of FelD1, a protein that triggers wheezing and sneezing, may indicate a common type of allergy found in cats. Get your kitten examined and when choosing, prefer a light colored female kitten.


Dogs are habitual of panting at least 300 times a minute to cool themselves, but if your cat is panting, it might be indicative of a medical emergency. Sometimes, panting may just be due to anxiety, but it may also be a sign of cardiovascular or respiratory problems. Make sure that you take your pet to a vet immediately!

Canned Food

This might be surprising for cat lovers! Vets prefer and suggest canned food over kibble. This is due to the higher percentage of fat and protein in canned foods as compared to dry foods. Canned food is also preferable for elderly cats, cats that are finicky, or have dental problems.

Avoid Eye Contact

Wondering why your cat doesn’t come to you? Because you create eye contact with it! Yes – avoid eye contact with your cat! You might just be looking at your feline friend, but it means staring – in your cat’s view. This is the reason that cats usually go to people who do not like cats, because they are the only ones who are looking away.

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