Natural and Effective Methods of Flea Control for Cats

Natural and Effective Methods of Flea Control for Cats

A good flea, is a dead flea. That is the only thing that can be said about them. These wingless parasites attach themselves to their host’s body (aka your cat) and thrive off it by sucking the cat’s blood.

Fleas (also called ticks) can prove to be a real nuisance for your pets. A flea bite could cause your cat to itch and scratch its body uncontrollably. Cats might even try to bite or peck the area where the flea bit them, but in the end it only adds to the pain.

Like a mosquito bite, flea bites can be easily noted, as they appear as slightly protruded round spots on the skin.

To save your cat from this nuisance, you must take steps that will ensure protection from fleas. But make sure that these methods are natural, effective and completely friendly to your cat’s health.

For complete flea control, you can try the following tips.

Full Body Shower

Everyone knows that there is nothing cats hate more than being drenched in water. But in this instance, you can ignore the cat’s wishes. For effective flea control, you can try giving your cat full body showers couple of times a week (preferably everyday). Make sure to use a good cat shampoo though. The shampoo will wash away any lingering flea or other type of infestations.

Combing Sessions

Cats love to be petted and stroked all over their body. This trick might actually work in your favor. You can use a flea comb to look for fleas on your cat a few times a week (again, preferably everyday). Your cat will get the feeling that it is being massaged while, you get to keep your cat clean. Make sure to lay down an old towel or an old cloth underneath the cat before combing. Otherwise there is a risk that the fleas might spread around.

Clean Surroundings

If you suspect fleas then clean everything. And by that we mean absolutely everything that the cat might have come into contact with. Wash all the things your cat sleeps on and even all your clothes if you carry around your cat a lot. Also vacuum the entire living space thoroughly just to be safe.

Things to Avoid

You might have heard this from many sources that using garlic and essential oils not only gets rid of fleas quickly but also prevent the fleas from coming back. Well, this couldn’t be farther from truth. Garlic is toxic to your cat’s health, and therefore, should be avoided at all costs. Similarly, essential oils wreck havoc on the cat’s olfactory sense.

These methods are sure to keep the fleas away from your cat for good. But in case your cat is already infested with fleas, then you can use our line of cat friendly products that are designed to get rid of fleas without harming your cat.

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