What to Look For In a Good Pet Carrier?

What to Look For In a Good Pet Carrier?

At one point or another, you will feel the need of a pet carrier to take your cat/dog along with you. With the many styles, shapes and sizes available today, it sure can get difficult to select a good pet carrier for your pet. However, you need not worry. In this article, we will discuss what makes a good pet carrier to help you choose easily. Let’s start:

A Rule Of Thumb

A general rule of thumb to help you choose a carrier successfully is to consider not the carrier but your pet first. Don’t match the carrier to the pet, but rather the pet to the carrier. Make sure that the carrier you select has ample space for your pet to move comfortably. They should be able to stand up easily and turn around. If it’s a purse style carrier or one that you will wear close to your body that consideration may become secondary.

Considerations to Make

Every pet owner knows the personality of his or her four-legged friend. Keep that in mind when selecting a carrier for them. For example, if your pet is too feisty and jumpy, select a carrier with multiple entranceways or a little more space for them to play around. If they won’t go inside from one entrance there is always another to trick them in with.

If your pet scratches a lot then you will have to make sure that you opt for a durable, plastic carrier, which will serve the purpose better in the long run. You will also find fabric carriers but those can wear down over time. Check out our lightweight foam board pet carrier that can also be flat packed for easy storage.


As a pet owner, you must understand that using the pet carrier only occasionally for the vets visit will automatically result in the pet putting up a fight with you. To make the pet used to, to its carrier, associate positive feelings with it and use it regularly. Make it comfortable for the pet. You can also put treats or toys in the carrier to make it think it is a safe place, like their second home.

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