Kitten House-Training Tips

Kitten House-Training Tips

According to Robert Sowthey, “A kitten is, in the animal world, what a rosebud is in the garden.” As opposed to puppies, kittens are generally easier to train. They have a natural instinct to bury their stools and excrements in sand. Generally, all you have to do is provide them access to the right litter box.

However, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are kitty training at home.

Litter Box

Litter boxes come in a variety of colors and sizes. Make sure that you choose one that is in accordance with your cat’s size, since cramped spaces may make them very uncomfortable. Moreover, they should be at least 4 inches deep. If you have more than one cat, consider getting separate litter boxes as cats are highly territorial when it comes to sharing facilities.

Type Of Litter

Conventionally, you can use sand or shavings from wood and newspapers for the litter. However, it is highly advisable to use cat litter that is prepared commercially. It mainly comprises of ground clay, and is a great deal more sanitary than the standard litter. Moreover, when cleaning, you will not have to replace the entire litter. Simply raking out the clumps is enough.

Placing It Right

The placement of the litter box should be somewhere secluded because cats feel uncomfortable in the open. However, make sure that you can access it easily for regular cleaning and maintenance. Sometimes cats scatter litter on the floor, so make sure to add only about 2 inches of it at the bottom.

When They Miss

At times, kittens tend to “miss” the box. This means that they abandon the litter box, despite knowing exactly where it is. A few reasons for this behavior may be that your kitten may be experiencing a change in the house, such as a new baby in the family, or simply moving to a new place. Additionally, your kitten may be urinating in odd places like the kitchen sink or bathtub. Go to a vet immediately since your cat’s health may be in jeopardy. Your kitty may be suffering from a bladder infection. Furthermore, consider getting your kitten neutered, because as they grow, they are likely to “spray” all over the house to mark their territory.

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