Get To Know Your Puppy Better

Get To Know Your Puppy Better

Orhan Panuk said in My Name is Red that, “Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.” Dogs are fittingly, called man’s best friend; their uninhibited display of love and affection can leave most of us overwhelmed. In order to make the most of your relationship with a puppy or a dog, try to understand their nature on a deeper level.

Dog owners tend to overlook a number of things about their canine friends. For instance, when dogs chase their tails, we just brush it off as something natural. In reality, some studies have shown that dogs chase their tails when they are agitated, not well, or are feeling predatory. In this scenario, it’s always best to consult your vet. Sometimes, it is better to be aware of certain dog facts so that you can nurture this beautiful bond better. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Being Alert At Night

Dogs have tapetum lucidum in their eyes, enabling them to see and move about freely in the dark. This night vision aptitude makes them ideal guards for property as well. They are capable of evaluating vision in both light and dark. The large pupils in their eyes, gives them the ability to see light five times as dim as a human can see, that too, with complete accuracy.


Did you know that dogs can dream, as well? Analogous to humans, dogs experience REM (rapid eye movement) SWS (slow wave sleep) while asleep, indicating that they have dreams, too. If you see your pup barking or flapping around his/her paws, you do not need to be surprised. They are probably dreaming about chasing their favorite ball in the park!

Acting Funny

Dogs can act comical. They either become overly excited, or start barking for the entire world to hear. Studies have indicated that this strange behavior is piqued by their sixth sense that alerts them to impending changes in the weather. All of their senses are highly sensitive as compared to humans, making them more likely to feel small changes in the weather, hence, their behavior.

In addition to the above mentioned facts, dogs are also known as kings of scent. Telling twins apart is as easy for them as reading this blog is for you. Their first instinct is to recognize an individual by his/her scent, rather than overall appearance.

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