Food Items That Make Your Pet Sick

Food Items That Make Your Pet Sick

A pet is every pet owner’s pride and joy. For many, a pet is part of their family. You buy them toys, get special accessories, and get the best edible items for them like Fromm pet food and Eukanuba pet food. Despite all that, should your pet ever look at you with those adoring eyes, you would be powerless not to pass them things from your own plate to eat.

This might seem like a sweet gesture to placate your need to pamper your pet and give it an extra treat. But in reality, you might be feeding your pet food items that do nothing for it. Best case scenario- these food items might only make your pet sick for a little while. Worst case, they might even cause its death.

Keeping that in mind, here is our list of food items that should never, ever be given to your pet to eat.

  1. Avocado

Yes, we know it makes a great dip to go with your chips and an amazing gourmet product, but it is not nearly as good for your pet. Believe it or not, most dogs are actually allergic to avocado. Not only is the fruit toxic to dogs, but all parts of avocado are dangerous to it. So next time, look over the place your dog likes to run around at for any stray pieces of avocado.

  1. Chocolate

You or your kids might be tempted to pass some of your chocolate cake to your dog to give it a sweet treat. We can tell you right now that it just might end being the last thing your dog ever eats. Chocolate is fatal to dogs. As in, death is quick and there is no chance of recovery. So keep any and all items with chocolate as far away from your dog as you can manage.

  1. Garlic & Onions

Garlic and onions are bad for dogs and cats. For you, garlic and onions might mean tasty garnishing, but for your cat or dog, it means instant sickness. You might think that your cat or dogs never eats these food items any way, and that’s true- most pets avoid them. But they might accidently eat something in which garlic and onion were active ingredients. So try to be careful about what goes in your pet’s mouth.

  1. Alcohol

Drunken cats and dogs only look cute in movies and cartoons. In real life, it’s no laughing matter. The bodies of your pets are not capable of processing alcohol of any type. Depending upon the quantity they are given, they can get very, very sick, or even die.

There you have it; 4 foods that you need to make sure your dog never comes close to! Have you come across other foods that affected your pets adversely in your experience? We’d love to know in the comments below!