Fed up With Litter Box Odor? Here’s How You Can Deal with it!

Fed up With Litter Box Odor

Raising a cat does not come with all play and no work. Where cats prove to be a source of happiness for their owners, there are also cleanliness concerns that pet owners need to learn how to tackle. There is nothing as embarrassing for a pet owner to have friends over claiming the pet area smells. To overcome the bad odor, which can develop in the litter box, here are some tips to help you out and keep the area smelling fresh:

Clean the Litter Box Daily

As a pet owner, you may already know this but at times when you feel lazy to scoop the litter, know that you can’t skip it. The longer your pet’s litter sits there, the smellier it will make the house. To cut down on odor scoop it daily. To make things easier, set a time and treat it as a chore that you have to perform no matter what.

Replace the Litter Weekly

Although your daily litter scooping habit should be enough to prevent the smell from spreading, you must also replace the litter every week to make sure there is nothing left behind to spread bad smell. Wash the box with soap and warm water, putting fresh litter in it once it has dried.

Use Deodorizers

In order to curb the smell, you can also use a deodorizer. Just sprinkle a little bit on the litter to keep the smell from spreading. Notice any behavioral changes in your pet after you deodorize because some pets may not like the smell, shying away from their litter box. When that happens, make sure you change the smell or buy an unscented deodorizer.

Set Up the Litter Box in a Ventilated Area

Avoid putting the litter box in a closed space with no windows, as it will concentrate the smell. Choose a well-ventilated area for your pets litter box where the smell can easily disperse. Check out our cat litter tray with a rim that prevents litter from spilling out and comes with a scoop.

Additionally you may also want to change the litter you are putting in your pet’s litter box to gauge which it likes and which one controls the odor best. Try not to disturb your pet by changing their litter too often. If you want to try a new cat litter browse through our variety of cat litter here.