Fashion Tips for Your Dog

Fashion Tips for Your Dog

A dog’s fashion world is no less than ours, with contests and charity events celebrating latest dog fashion trends and acknowledging the best fashion model in the house. Can your dog be part of the glitz and glamour? Of course! Or do you simply want to keep your dog as trendy as yourself? Follow the below mentioned tips for a fashionable dog:

What’s In?

Dog fashion trends can keep changing from one season to another, and if you want to keep up make sure you are following dog fashion shows. Some popular looks for dogs include leather jackets, ruffles, and knit sweaters. Bright colours are also quite the in trends when dressing up your dog. Make sure the dress you choose matches your dog’s personality!

How to Take Measurements

If you are stitching a dress for your dog yourself, make sure you have taken the measurements correctly. Your dog needs to look fab and not a drag in what you are creating for him! To take your dogs measurements, you need to measure the circumference around the widest part of the chest, measure their neck and the distance from the back of the head to the base of the tail. When stitching a dress for your dog, also make sure that you don’t use any material that might be itchy for them. Take extra care to provide warmth and protection.

What to Wear For Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, you will find that there are many colourful and beautiful Christmas jumpers, sweaters and hoodies for dogs available. They look as cute in their Christmas dressing. To make your dog fashionable this Christmas, check out our red nose reindeer Christmas sweater for dogs.

Don’t Give Up On Training

Fashion models are highly trained dogs with flawless manners and that’s all because of the efforts and patience of their owners. If you want to make your dog the next big thing in fashion, make sure you are training them along and keeping a health check on them as well.

Beauty Check!

To make your dog look wonderful in any kind of dress, make sure you are maintaining their hygiene. Give them a bath and do their nails regularly. Keep your dog stylish at all times with blow-dried hair and/or a bow tie around the neck. The small things also make your dog look fashionable.

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