Are You Facing Litter box Issues with Your Cat?

Are You Facing Litter box Issues with Your Cat?

You may face litter box issues with your cat at one point or another. The first thing to do when you find your cat pooping outside the box is consult the vet to rule out any health problems. Cats can suffer from gastritis or kidney infection, which may be the root of the problem. If that’s not it, it is a behavioural problem that you can address by following the guidelines below:

Keep It Clean

No one likes to use a dirty bathroom; your cat is no different. Make sure their litter box is cleaned regularly and the litter changed weekly. Cats are ultra sensitive to smell, and a dirty litter box may be keeping them away from using it. For cats to keep using their litter box, they need to remain familiar with the smell of that place. Although you have to clean it, refrain from using harsh chemicals to remove that scent that cats are drawn to and which helps them to identify their pooping place.

Avoid Changing Brands Too Often

Your cat can be particular about its litter box- yes, really! They develop this from an early stage and are accustomed to using a specific kind of litter box you make them use in the starting. So avoid changing brands too often because it can be a trigger for litter box problems also.

Use More Than One Litter Box

You must use one litter box per cat but vets suggest using one extra placed in a different part of the house. Having too few litter boxes is also a mistake so if you have just one cat around the house, use at least two!

Make Sure They Have Their Quiet And Peace

Cats want their peace and quiet when using the bathroom just like us so make sure you haven’t placed their litter box anywhere in a noisy area. This is one reason, which could contribute to their peeing outside the box. Also, privacy is another factor of concern for cats. However, make sure you don’t hide the litter box in providing privacy.

If you are using a hood to cover the litter box, be aware that most cats don’t like it. Hoods keep the odours in, which might be unhygienic for the cat. Remember that cats need to be attracted to their litter box and that is achieved by a lingering smell of their urine. Make sure you don’t wipe that out. Clean the litter box so much, so that the smell doesn’t bother you.

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