Dos and Don’ts of Pet Training

Most pet lovers are frustrated with the fact that, even after all their best efforts, Bruno thinks that the couch is his personal property and Pixie freely roams the areas that are restricted for her.

Training a pet is a lot more than just hoping that the animal would learn to obey your unsaid commands. Here, we list down the essential dos and don’ts of pet training to help you with the process.


  • Be honest with your pet. Be sure you never fool your pet into doing something you want, or worse, tease him with the commands you taught.
  • Focus on your pet. Your training procedures should be centered on bringing your pet into the world you live in by being perceptive of its nature and instincts.
  • Be consistent. For best results, make sure you use the same tone of voice and the same words every time you issue a certain command.
  • Begin with the end in sight. Your pet should know what their reward will be once they complete the task assigned. When it does, reward it generously.
  • Rebuke or reward immediately. Remember, your pet needs instant admonishment or praise after completing a specific act.
  • Teach one command at a time. Even the cleverest pets may get confused if you teach them more than one command at a time.
  • Be patient and kind. Allow your pet time to react to your command. Be kind to it and simply enjoy the process.


  • Lose temper while training. Your pet needs to understand that you are in control, and you need to control yourself while you train.
  • Allow others to pamper your pet more than you. You are your pet’s master, and it should look up to you for leadership and approval.
  • End a training session on a bad note. Reprove your pet if it does something wrong, but once the training session ends, be sure to praise it for the progress made.
  • Overuse the command. Your pet should know to pick up your commands early. Do not repeat the command over and over unless the pet completes it. Be patient.
  • Reward a behavior and then admonish it. This will only confuse your pet, and you do not want that. Consistency during training is fundamental to the process.

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