Have You Considered A Health Insurance Plan For Your Pet Yet?

Have You Considered A Health Insurance Plan For Your Pet Yet?

After finding a good online pet shop in Hong Kong that fulfills all the basic needs of your pets from food to accessories to toys, a question arises about pet health insurance plans. No pet owner considers it until their pet meets a serious accident, which costs a substantial amount, but if you consider its pros and cons carefully beforehand, it can help take care of unforeseen future worries.

Let’s see what a health insurance plan for your pet means:

Over the average life of your pet, your insurance plan will cost you something between $2000-$6000 and that is because veterinary practices and procedures for pets have evolved over time, including more sophisticated treatment methods. There are three basic plans to consider for your pet:

  • Accident only
  • Accident and illness
  • Accident, illness and wellness

Vet exams are covered by the wellness plan and those carry high premiums which are not often equal to the reimbursement you get. If you do not have a wellness plan for your pet and a vet examination needs to be carried out, even as part of an accident, know that it will be excluded from the total.

Percentage Reimbursement Plans Against Reasonable Costs Plan

Reasonable cost plans are those, which reimburse on a set fee schedule, and then there are percentage reimbursement plans which reimburse as a percentage of the total fees charged. One would be well-advised to opt for a percentage reimbursement plan, which will pay a percent of the actual bill, as average price for procedures may differ in different areas affecting the reimbursement on reasonable costs plans.

Taking Continual Coverage into Account

Another factor to consider when choosing your pet health insurance plan is whether it provides continual coverage for chronic diseases or exclude them from coverage when the policy renews, making it a pre existing condition which will not be included in coverage now.

Some Conditions It Should Account For:

When choosing a plan, make sure it covers at least the following conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions
  • Chronic diseases
  • Medical conditions specific to the breed

These are just a few basics to take into account when considering buying a health insurance policy for your little friend. Know that you may feel it is not required because you will take absolute care of your pet but you cannot save them from accidents that are bound to happen.