Carrier for Your Terrier: How to Choose the Right Carrier for Your Small Breed Dog?

Carrier for Your Terrier

While small breed dogs are cute to own, they are also difficult to handle. Small dogs can easily escape their owners’ watchful eye and wander off to something that attracts them. Small dog owners find it difficult to choose a carrier that gives their dogs the comfort they deserve, and the convenience of carrying the carrier that the owners wish.

Pet carriers are an important dog accessory that every pet dog owner needs, especially when heading out to run errands with their dog, or going to the vet. Here are some tips to make your carrier selection for small dogs an easy choice:

Measure Your Dog

Yes, your dog may be small but you need to know exactly how small. Measurement is important when it comes to choosing a carrier for your little friend, because you want them to be comfortable in it. If the dog is even slightly large for the carrier you got them, it won’t feel comfortable and that means trouble for you. To take the measurement of your dog’s height measure the distance from the floor to their shoulder for accuracy and choose a carrier that is more than that measurement.

Asses Your Use

Before settling on a carrier you must know, how often you will need to use it and that depends on how often you take your dog out. Some owners might only feel the need for a carrier for occasional vet visits, while others may use it more, tagging their dog along everywhere. Your usage spells out the kind of carrier you want. Should it have pockets to store things? Should it have extra space for your pet to move around? Will it be with wheels, or is a sling carrier more appropriate? These are considerations that you need to make before purchasing a product.

Think Comfort-For Both

A practical pet carrier, which is comfortable for both you and your pet, has a number of qualities that you should not ignore. Check out our Crazy Paws Pet carrier- Pet Sling, which you can purchase easily through our online pet store. It is lightweight, eliminating any extra weight apart from the dog for the owner’s convenience. It provides for breathability with its innovative air mesh design and has side pockets for personal items. Sling carriers are the perfect choice for those who take their dogs out often, especially when grocery shopping.

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