Do You Care for Your Cat’s Dental Health?

Do You Care for Your Cat’s Dental Health?

Dental care for your feline friends is just as important as it is for us. Cats cannot brush their own teeth, and even if all your cat does is nibble on home food, its teeth still need to be kept clean and cared for to prevent dental disease.

As a cat owner, you must care for your cat’s dental hygiene. Here are some ways to do so:

Stay Vigilant

You must be proactive in spotting any signs of dental problems in your cat. Cats normally have a mild fishy scent, which is okay, but foul breath is a strong indicator of oral trouble. If you leave your cat’s bad breath problem untreated for long, it could lead to further problems. Bad breath is often a sign of gum disease or tooth decay. In cats, it is also indicative of digestive problems.

Check the Gums

Your cat’s gums should be firm and pink. There should be no signs of swelling, and the gums should be white or red. As the owner, it is our job to check the cat’s gums occasionally by gently pushing back the lips. No teeth should be loose or chipped.

Take Them for Checkup Yearly

Whenever you take your cat to the vet, don’t forget the dental checkup. A dental checkup skips the mind of most pet owners. Like humans, cats too can suffer from dental problems which may go unnoticed by the owner. Having a dental checkup once a year will ensure that your cat’s dental health is intact, helping them avoid serious health problems down the road.

Establish Cleaning Routine

Develop a teeth cleaning routine for your cat; this should be done early on, preferable when they’re just a kitten. Older cats might be resist teeth cleaning. Use gauze with toothpaste to clean their teeth. You can shop for cat dental products from our online pet store, which stocks all kinds of accessories for cats and dogs.

You must know that using regular toothpaste for cats is not recommended as the fluoride can make a cat ill. Be sure to brush their teeth with cat specific toothpaste.

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