Arthritis Tips for Your Cat

Arthritis Tips for Your Cat

Every cat has unique habits and behaviors, and their owners who have raised them since they were little kittens, know each and everything about their cats; well, as much as they possibly can. This makes it possible for them to tell if there is something wrong with the health of their beloved kitty.

The common health problems usually start when your cat hits its teens. You have to start paying more attention towards older cats and take precautions where their health is concerned. You can find many different cat health products on our site which will help you take better care of your pet cat.

Cat Arthritis

One of the most common diseases that affect aging cats is arthritis. And you don’t have to look very hard to find out if your cat is suffering from arthritis. If your cat is displaying the following signs, then a trip to a vet is mandatory:

  • Noticeable changes in appetite.
  • Swollen joints, which can be hard to detect.
  • Cats will lick and bite the affected joints.
  • Slight limps or favoring of a limb can indicate arthritis.
  • The pain in the limbs can cause the cats to walk ‘unnaturally’.
  • The muscle in the affected limbs is reduced because of lack of use.
  • Your cat may not jump on surfaces as much if he/she has arthritis.
  • The reluctance or difficulty in standing up, after lying down.

How the Vet can Help

You can use the special joint care products available on our site and seek the advice of the vet to treat your cat’s arthritis. The symptoms and the actual disease may not prove fatal, but can decrease the quality of life that your cat lives if left unchecked.

There are different medications that the vet can provide your cat with, which can offer relief from the pain caused by arthritis. In more extreme cases, the vet may recommend a surgical option to manage the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

How you can Help

You can make your cat’s everyday life as comfortable as possible. Get larger litter boxes and a larger bed for your cat so it can get in and out of it easily. Make your home more accessible for your arthritic cat, by putting small ramps on the stairs.

Browse the cat products section on the site and you can find many cat related products. You can purchase them in great prices and have them delivered to your doorstep. Caring for your arthritic cat may be difficult, but with the right products and medication, it can be managed.