Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person?

Are you thinking about getting a pet? For some people, it can be a life changing experience. Taking care of the pet gives them a sense of fulfillment and the love and adoration they get from the pet, helps to relieve some of their sufferings and tensions of the day. Adopting pets is a great way to teach kids about responsibility and to have a constant and loyal play mate around them. All in all, compared to the pros, the cons of getting a pet are quite small. A majority of the people who want to adopt a pet choose either a cat or a dog to be a part of their family. But here lies the dilemma – which pet would suit you the best? Meaning, are you a cat person or a dog person? Here is a list of things to make this decision a little easier for you.

You are a Cat Person If…

You Are Happy At Home

Cats do not need to be taken out on daily walks. In fact, if the cats had their way, they would never leave the vicinity of the house. If you are a quite, reserved and shy person by nature, then cats are the perfect fit for you. The natural curiosity of cats can be assuaged by things around the house and thanks to kitty litter you don’t need to worry about certain things immediately when cats do their business.

You Are Happy With a Lazy Pet

Cats like to be constantly pampered and prefer to spend most of their time either sleeping or lazing away the day. You can place them in your lap to massage their entire body with your fingers and they will be in heaven.

You are a Dog Person if…

You Are Always Full of Energy

For some people, staying indoors for long periods of time can be a maddening experience. They always need to be up and about, doing something. If you are one such person, then dogs are the pets you need. Dogs need daily walks because without them they are too irritable and might destroy things at home.

You Like to Live By a Schedule

Dogs expect to be walked, fed and played with at a certain time and they are very good at remembering it. If your life runs along a schedule too, then dogs can actually help you to stick with it.

In the end, no matter what pet you choose, you need to make their care your top priority. And that starts with getting the best accessories and toys for the pet. You also need to feed them high quality pet food. Nutram dog food and Nutram cat food can be considered as very good options. For more pet related items, don’t forget to check out our catalogue.