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How to Save Your Furniture from Those Scratchy Claws

As much as your feline friend loves your attention, it also loves scratching. As opposed to what you might think about a cats’ scratching; that they do it to gain attention or make the owner angry, it’s actually for their personal reasons. Cats love to …

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A Shiny Coat Doesn’t Mean Your Dog Is Healthy

A Shiny Coat Doesn't Mean Your Dog Is Healthy

For new pet owners it might be difficult to spot symptoms of illness in their dog. Like humans, they can’t talk out their health concern, but they can certainly show it through physical or behavioral changes. While some behavioral changes are a result of routine …

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Carrier for Your Terrier: How to Choose the Right Carrier for Your Small Breed Dog?

Carrier for Your Terrier

While small breed dogs are cute to own, they are also difficult to handle. Small dogs can easily escape their owners’ watchful eye and wander off to something that attracts them. Small dog owners find it difficult to choose a carrier that gives their dogs …

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